Supporting the Daughters of Mary Mission

Dear Parish Families,

I’m so amazed at your generosity toward Sister Theresia and the mission of the Daughters of Mary!

Last weekend we collected $10,888 to help the mission of the Daughters of Mary in providing vital services to women and their infants.

We will continue to accept monetary donations. Please use the yellow “Missionary Coop” envelops in the church or parish office to make a contribution this week.

As a reminder, the Daughters of Mary need:

20 hospital beds that cost $200 per bed.
50 delivery kits that cost $50 per kit.
20 neonatal infant incubators that cost $2,000 per incubator.

This is a total cost of $46,500. Let’s help Sister Theresia and the Daughters of Mary cover the entire cost for these items which will greatly improve the lives of women and their newborn infants.

Salve Regina! Hail Holy Queen!