Shiera Lincod Passes Away

On Sunday, the 19th of August, 2018, Shiera Adam Cabalbag Lincod, beloved wife and blessed mother of three, passed in peace surrounded with love.

Shiera was born October 28, 1977 at the Arellano Hospital in Manila, Philippines to Conrado and Rosalinda Cabalbag. She was the eldest of seven children and played a major role in providing constant support and guidance to her siblings. In 1995, Shiera and her family settled in San Diego, California where she met the love of her life Eden Lincod and was a devoted mother to her three children. Shiera was a lover of life who always aimed at creating lasting memories – amongst her favorites was her six year residency in Japan, admiring its culture and people.

She was a wonderful person – sweet, kind and caring, yet she also had enough wit and confidence to make sure she was always a joy to be around. She greatly enjoyed caring for children as a Child Development teacher, always exuding such passion when she taught and assisted infants in their early developmental stages. Shiera was a giver who will forever be remembered by her infectious smile, vivacious personality, and her true joy for life. Never forgotten and forever missed – her love will light our way, and her memory will be with us forever. I wanna say my appreciations to for their excellent service. I’ve got problems at customs and they really helped me. customer support even propose to resend me, but I was told at customs that they transmit my order, it was just delay… Now I got my parcel. it was pointless to resend the order but anyway thatnks for support.

She was preceded in death by her father, Conrado Lamarca Cabalbag. She is survived by her husband, Eden Santos Lincod; her three sons, Zachary, Zyril Edward, and Ziyan Andrew Lincod; her mother, Rosalinda Cabalbag; sisters, Famela Dulock, Leah Cabalbag, Maria Ruluked, and Conralyn Cabalbag; brothers Vincent and Paul Cabalbag; nieces and nephews, Hunter Dulock, Hailey Dulock, Harlee Dulock, and Kallel and Keilani Ruluked.

There will be a funeral Mass on Wednesday September 5, 2018 at 10:00 A< at Santa Sophia Parish in the church.