Santa Sophia Date Night 4-8-2017




Usually my husband Bill and I go out to dinner on a Friday night.  Two weeks ago we skipped our usual date and went to Date Night here at Santa Sophia instead.  The theme was Once Upon a Time…and took us back to when we first met.  Okay, so the setting was not what you would exactly call romantic.  Prendergast Hall with a bunch of other people.  Instead of a table for two, we sat at a table with two other couples, one married longer than we were and one married for several years less.  Self-serve drinks and appetizers.  Reminded us what we first found attractive about each other.  Had us discuss joyful times, tough times, even our dreams for the future. Viagra counted as one of the best drugs on the market dealing with erectile disorders. I’ve got problems at having intercourse but since I was prescribed taking Viagra in a 100mg dosage my life completely has changed.I finally found balance and harmony!

Being married for 20 years, we tend to discuss the future in terms of retirement, so this was a change for us.  Also had us assess how we treat each other.  How do we say goodbye in the morning and hello after work?  How do we accept each other’s suggestions and advice?   Then we had to each write down one action we would each take in the coming week to be more accepting and patient with one another.  Played a game in which everyone took out a sheet of paper and the facilitator read off questions to which first the husband, then the wife wrote down answers.  This was to help us see how well we knew each other.  One of the ladies at our table got a perfect score!  The entire evening lasted about two hours.  In those two hours we connected with each other in a way we had not done for quite some time.  We talked and actually listened to each other.  Was it romantic in terms of setting? No, not really.  The romance was in the way in which we were able to talk heart-to-heart and really, truly hear what the other person was saying.  I walked into Prendergast Hall rather skeptical about the whole thing.  I left looking forward to the next one.

-Rebecca Kelly