Christian Marriage

God invites each person into relationship and union with himself by calling the person to a particular state of life or “vocation,” which means “calling.” It is important that each Christian pray fervently and seek counsel to discern the vocation that would best enable him or her to know, love, and serve God fully in this life and be with God forever in Heaven. While completely respecting the freedom that he has given us, God allows us to choose freely the path we are to follow.

The sacrament of marriage is consider by the Catholic Church to be indissoluble in this life. It is a covenant bond that endures until death.

In the Diocese of San Diego, couples should plan on a nine month (minimum) period of marriage preparation.

Preparation for marriage for engaged couples and those wishing to have their civil marriage blessed begins with an appointment with the pastor of Santa Sophia.  No preparations should take place before contacting the pastor. He will provide further information about preparing for marriage and schedule the wedding.

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