Joseph Carton
Mobile: (619) 337-4980
Home: (619) 582-4473

Meeting Information:
Fridays at 7:00 PM in Catechetical Ministry Office – Room 2

Mission and Purpose:
The Brothers and Sisters of Charity is a Christian community founded by Catholic musician and author, John Michael Talbot.  Many members of the community live atLittle Portion Hermitage in Arkansas in the monastic expression of the community. Most members, however, are part of the domestic expression of the community, living throughout the United States in their own homes and occupations, doing their best to live out the Gospel more deeply by living in monastic simplicity.  Weekly meetings of members, friends and inquirers, called cell groups, bring us together for praise and  worship, Evening Prayer, and study as we seek to deepen in and live out our Christian call within the blessings of community.

“The Rule of the brothers and sisters is the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We should be troubled about nothing except this all encompassing rule. All that matters is that one be created anew.”

We echo the simple invitation of Jesus:  “Come, and see.”

Further information: www.bscdomestic.org  and read the brochure provided below.

BCSD Brochure