Heide Domingo – (408) 985-3423

Yolanda Cazares – (619) 315-5361

Meeting Information:
The Legion of Mary meets every Saturday in Santa Sophia Teachers Lounge and Music Room from 9:00 am until 10:30 am.

Mission or goals:
Members experience evangelization and sanctification by prayer and good works.  We emphasize promoting devotion to our Blessed Mother, Mary.

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Traveling Mary Statue

244_Blessed_Mary3Bring this statue of Blessed Mary to your house!  

The Santa Sophia Legion of Mary is offering families a wonderful opportunity to introduce or maintain Marian devotion in their own home.  “We are encouraging families to learn and pray the Rosary together by bringing the traveling Blessed Mary statue to their home for a week,” says Tellie Dominguez, former leader of the Santa Sophia Legion of Mary.

What is involved?  The family must provide an altar for the Blessed Mary.  This is simply a small table or designated place set with a candle and flowers.

Two members of the Santa Sophia Legion of Mary will bring the traveling Blessed Mary statue to their home and place her on the altar.  They will lead the family in a welcoming prayer and recite the Rosary with the family.  If the family does not know how to pray the rosary, they are happy to teach them.

The Legion members then leave the Blessed Mary statue with the family.  The family commits to pray the Rosary once a day.  On the seventh day the two members return, lead the family in a farewell prayer and take the Blessed Mary traveling statue to the next home.

The Legion has Filipino-, Chaldean-, Latino- and English-speaking teams.  Many blessings have been received from this program in parishes across the country.

To schedule your visit please contact Theresa Williams at 619-244-1191.