Connection to Christ:

Connection to Christ consists of small groups of 8 – 10 people who are interested in having a closer and deeper relationship with Christ. We do this by closely examining the weekly Sunday readings twice a year – during Lent and Advent, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the special message in the readings that is speaking to each one of us and we discuss how we can apply that Scripture in our daily lives. Our trained facilitators rely on the Holy Spirit to guide the small group to a closer connection to Christ and to develop a personal relationship with Christ. 

Meetings launch the first week of Lent and again in the fall, just before Advent. The small groups meet weekly for 6 weeks. Each session is about 90 minutes long and most meetings are located either at the church or in the home of the facilitator or members of the group. There are virtual groups available as well. Each session has its own book that costs $12.

Contact Kareen or Jimmy for specific times or to join a small group. 


Kareen Georgee – 619-977-2796

Jimmy Villalobos – 619-977-7023