Fr. Devdas; with input from the Parish Staff and planning committee, will conduct outdoor Mass at 6:00 pm on Saturdays and 8:00 am, on Sundays.  The Santa Sophia Academy north east parking lot, by EDC, would be designated as the worship space.   

To inform the parishioners of the planned re-opening and any possible cancellation of outdoor Sunday Mass due to bad weather, communication will be sent via Flocknote. Letters will be sent out to all members of the parish outlining the details of the re-opening, and information will also be posted on the parish website. While keeping in mind the importance of all feeling welcome to attend the service, knowing the obligation remains dispensed, our goal is to maintain hygiene, social distancing, and ultimately upholding the sanctity of the celebration of the Mass.

  • We will emphasize in all communication that those members who exhibit any frailty due to advanced age, health impairment or symptoms of any kind should not attend.  In addition, if members are acting as a caretaker for people in such situations, they likewise, should refrain from attending and continue to watch Mass online. 


  • For Sunday Mass, the attendees will be asked to bring their own chairs, carpets, or blankets if they wish to sit; anyone who would rather stand during the Mass will be free to do so in the back.
  • For Sunday Mass and daily Mass all members will be mandated to wear masks as they exit their vehicles in the church parking lot. 
  • Face masks should be worn by all adults and children over two years old.
  • Parishioners will be expected to use hand sanitizer upon entering through the gate. Hand sanitizer will be stationed in areas throughout the worship space. 
  • The Hall restroom facilities will be opened and monitored so as to limit the number of people entering at one time.  Restrooms facilities will be sanitized after Mass.
  • Ushers will direct the faithful, so they keep the 6 feet distancing
  • Bulletins will be placed on tables or stands for parishioners to pick up.


  • The parking lot being used as the worship space for Mass will give privacy and is a safe and secured location. It has a total of three entry gates that are retractable with walkways to enter the worship space.
  • Members will enter and exit through two of the gateways and in case of emergency we can open the third gate, located by the end of the hall.
  • Parishioners will park their cars in the church’s parking lot located on the southern portion of the property and will walk to the north eastern gates.
  • The ushers will instruct people to maintain a social distance of 6 feet between family groups.
  • Upon arrival at the gates, ushers will instruct members on social distancing guidelines and will monitor the area to ensure all are complying.
  • Ushers will stand at the gate and direct the parishioners to their designated area.


  • Parishioners will be asked to arrive 15 minutes before Mass begins and will be seated on a first-come-first-serve basis. The worship space has a maximum capacity of up to 800 people, however the expected number of attendees is approximately 300 parishioners. 
  • Entry gates will have signs posted to remind attendants to wear masks, sanitize their hands and only attend if they are symptom free.
  • Prior to the beginning of Mass, instruction will be given to the congregation detailing the flow of the celebration as well as a reminder the sign of peace will be suspended and during the Lord’s Prayer there will be no hand holding.
  • We will recruit and train new and needed ushers (hospitality ministers), Extraordinary Eucharistic ministers and bathroom attendants.
  • Music will be provided by one Cantor and accompanist only.
  • No singing by general congregation will be encouraged because of projecting saliva.
  • Communion distributed solely in the hand.
  • Priest will use his individual paten and chalice for his communion only.
  • Ministers, deacons, and priest who distribute communion will wear masks
  • There are four Communion stations and a rover.  People will be asked to go to the station nearest to them that has been marked off with cones. There will be an usher in each station to direct people. 
  • Lector and server will wear masks and will only remove masks when reading.
  • There will be boxes for Sunday offertory (one on each side of the altar and the third box in front of the altar). Ushers will not accept Sunday offertory from people but will direct parishioners to drop it in the box.
  • Our sacristan, Rosemary, will monitor and secure the money.
  • Sound system/speakers will be attached to the EDC windows and kindergarten classroom.


  • The entirety of the Mass will be celebrated at the alter site except for the readings and the homily.
  • People will be asked to maintain 6 feet distance and people with umbrellas will be asked to sit in the back so as to not block anyone’s view. 
  • Masks will be worn at all times by all attending at the altar except for the lectors when reading and the cantor while singing.
  • There will be no entrance or exit procession. Altar server/s, deacon and priest will vest and enter from EDC. 
  • There will be no procession of the gifts of bread and wine.
  • Holy Communion will be distributed at end of Mass.
  • The Precious Blood will not be distributed. 
  • Eucharistic ministers will wear masks, sanitize their hands before picking up the plate.
  • Holy Communion will be given in the hand and not on the tongue.
  • Gloves shall not be worn by the Eucharistic Ministers or the parishioners during distribution or receiving of the Holy Eucharist.
  • After receiving Holy Communion, attendees will gather their belongings and exit promptly through the gates.


  • Daily Mass, Monday through Friday, will be celebrated in the parking lot (same place) at 8:00 am. Will follow the same guidelines as the weekend Masses.
  • Venue and restrooms (hall) will be cleaned and sanitized every day.

We will strongly encourage people not to attend Mass if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness, especially:

  • A temperature above 99F
  • Cough or sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chills
  • New muscle aches
  • Gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea
  • Recent loss of smell or taste