Oppose SB-24 – Help Moms and Save Babies

In August, Senate Bill (SB) 24 will be voted upon, forcing our public university campus student health centers to distribute the Chemical Abortion Pill, which kills babies in the womb up to ten weeks of pregnancy and hurts women for a lifetime. Please sign your Letter of Opposition against SB 24 so that it can be delivered to our Assembly Member before the next vote. This bill would allow the killing of 500 BABIES EACH MONTH, according to the legislative analysis. Please reflect on this; if those 500 lives were college students instead of their babies, would we act more quickly and passionately to oppose such legislation? Please be a voice for life by signing your Letter of Opposition to SB 24. (Click here for a copy to sign)

You can also call your Assembly Member. Find their phone number by visiting http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/.