Mother’s Day Novena

Mass for Our Mothers During May!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and I wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. In keeping with our wonderful tradition of praying for our mothers, I request you to list the names of all the wonderful women in your life, who you would like prayed for during the month of May.

Just give us a name. The names will be placed on the alter for all the Masses in May and I will pray for your mother in my private Masses during this nine-day novena period. As usual, we will do a special blessing and prayers for our mothers at the end of Mass this Sunday.

Reply to this e-mail with the name of those you wish added to the list.

Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day and blessings!

Fr. Devdas

PS: If you would like to give a donation in memory of your mother, please visit: or mail a check to the parish office.