Month of May: The Rosary and Family Prayer — SSA Mary’s Day Rosary: 8th Grade 2020

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, the month of May is referred to as the month of Mary, in honor of Our Blessed Mother. Catholics all over the world offer up to Mary, from their hearts, a fervent and loving homage of prayer and veneration. In an encyclical written by Pope Paul VI that is linked here, we are told that “the benefits of God’s mercy come down to us from [Mary’s] throne in greater abundance.” Therefore, this is a special month that will aid us in overcoming obstacles and receiving strength amid our current trials.

Mary is our mother and seeks to help us, her children. I encourage you to pray the rosary every day during this month, especially as a family. If you have a habit of praying the rosary, invite your family to pray with you. If you struggle to maintain this practice, now is your opportunity to pray on a regular basis, and you will receive the graces that flow from this beautiful prayer. There are many sources that provide a guide on how to pray the rosary. One such source can be found by clicking here. It explains how to pray the rosary, provides a link to all four mysteries, outlines what day to pray which set of mysteries, and it also includes other accompanying prayers.

During this difficult time, Pope Francis is also encouraging us to rediscover the “family” aspect of the rosary by reciting a specific prayer as we conclude the rosary. I have included it below on two blue pages to allow for large print so you can easily read it.

In line with our theme of the year, “Family Life & Spirituality,” I want to encourage you all to conclude your daily prayers by reciting our parish family prayer. Many of you have the printed cards containing the prayers, but in case you don’t, I have also included it below for your convenience. It is no coincidence that we chose this for our annual theme before knowing of any pandemic. I take it as a sign that perhaps we should spend this time of pandemic reaching out to our loved ones and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Family is precious, and we have an opportunity now to reach out and check in on those who may be distant or to whom we have not spoken with in a long time. During the month of Mary, I hope you will pray the rosary daily and that you will recite the attached prayers for family—both our universal family and those in your own home. Seek out Mary’s help; she is our loving and protecting mother who intercedes for us. I will be engaging in these prayers daily, and I hope you will join me and encourage others to do the same.

God bless,

Fr. Devdas