Click the appropriate form, download and fill-out completely. Return it to the parish office, attn: Bob. For questions, please call Bob at (619) 463-6629 or email Bob.

Facility Reservation Request

To schedule a meeting or event  sponsored by your Parish Organization at Santa Sophia use this form.  A two-month lead time is recommended. Be sure to check the Online Parish Calendar  to determine of the time slot looks like it is open for an event.  Due to timing of uploading event information you cannot assume a time slot is open if nothing is on the calendar, but at least you know that it might be available before you submit your request. All requests must conform to our Sacred Space Policy.

Room Setup Request Form - for Prendergast Hall and/or Kitchen 

At least 7 business days before your actual event please submit a room set-up form. We are not responsible for set-ups if the form has not been received.

Room Setup Request Form – Any room OTHER THAN  Prendergast Hall and/or Kitchen 

If your meeting or event will require ANY form of facility setup (tables, chairs, audio, etc.) in a room other than Prendergast Hall, please use this form.  A minimum 7-day business day lead time is required.