Keeping Military Service Members in our Prayers

Military Service Members 

As a faith community, let us keep all who serve our country during these troubled times in our prayers. We pray especially for those of our parish who are serving:  

Erik Grimm ET1, US Navy

Adam Grimm BM2, US Navy

Matthew Ricacho Staff Sgt., USAF

Sgt. Austin McHalek, USMC

Reynaldo D. Castro Jr. , Lcdr, US Navy

Daniel Rosales, US Navy

Dominic Bloemendaal, USMC

Lt. Martin Howard

Sgt. Dane Johnson

Sf. Sargent Dustin McCoy, USMC

Lcpl Connor O’ Gara, USMC

1st Lt. Peter Dray, US Army

If you have a friend or relative who is serving in our military, and want their name to be added to our prayer list, please send an email to or call the parish office.