Hall Bathroom Project

Hall Bathrooms Remodeling

Due to a sudden leak in men’s bathroom and deterioration of the stalls, the hall bathrooms are in need of repair. Repair is complicated by the presence of asbestos in the flooring which will need to be remediated and removed prior to repairs. To remove the asbestos flooring, the bathrooms have to be gutted in order to access and extract all the flooring. After the remediation of the asbestos, rather than reinstall some of the old contents mixed with new, it makes sense to remodel the entire bathroom with new contents. The flooring in the hallway containing asbestos will also be removed.

Asbestos remediation will cost $10,200, with the remodel costing $84,000, for a total project cost of $94,200.  Both the construction and asbestos contractors have done a lot of work for us and have given us a good discount for this project. I have already collected $29,000 towards this project and am asking anyone who can or wants to contribute to do so.

It is an ideal time to do this project as children are out of school and the hall is not in use because of the shutdown. If we do it now, we should be ready and able to use it when we reopen our facilities.

God bless!

Fr. Devdas

Damaged Flooring