From the Pastor

In the next few months we will be promoting eGiving in our parish. Electronic giving (“eGiving”) is easy and provides a convenient and consistent method of giving to parishioners. The benefits of eGiving are numerous:
 Our gifts are expedited, the system simplifies the accounting process for the parish and strengthens the parish’s base of regular support
 It encourages commitment and faithfulness of people to the parish
 It helps parishioners prioritize giving in their budgets and helps them make an advanced commitment
 It saves the parish the expense of mailing offering envelopes and the bank fees for processing checks; therefore, eGiving preserves human resources which may be refocused on other parish activities
 It is easy and convenient, and gives members an automated and practical way to easily prioritize giving in this fast-paced world in which we live
 It creates a positive impact on the environment.
We will begin the campaign this week and will conclude on November 24th. During this period, you will receive more information about e-giving in the bulletin, on our website, in church announcements, and in other places. eGiving is very simple and convenient, and I encourage parishioners to sign up for this convenient service. If you wish to set up an eGiving account here at Santa Sophia, please visit the parish website at and click the “Menu” button. Then click on the “Donate” button, located on the left side of your computer screen. If you need assistance in setting up an account, please contact Bob Ulrich, our business manager.

Fr. Devdas