Fratelli tutti: A New Encyclical

Fratelli tutti (All brothers) is a new encyclical of Pope Francis, on the topic of “fraternity and social friendship.” The document was signed on 3 October 2020, on the occasion of Pope Francis’s visit to the tomb of Saint Francis of Assisi, and was published the following day, on the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.

“Fratelli Tutti” is a powerful expression of faith in a time of doubt, a call to hope in a time of fear, and a challenge to love in at time of anger and division. The encyclical affirms and applies the principles of Catholic social teaching to the “new things” of 2020: a global pandemic, an economic crisis, political polarization, and social isolation and exclusion.

Pope Francis insists that those who are poor or vulnerable, those who live with disabilities or discrimination, and immigrants and refugees, are not issues or problems, but sisters and brothers, part of one human family.

Fratelli Tutti is a universal message and he urges us to move beyond personal, ideological, economic, and political isolation to encounter the lives and hopes of others, especially those who have been excluded.

In this letter, Pope Francis asks us to extend “fraternity” from our own families to a suffering world and to expand “friendship” from the personal to the political and global. It is a call to conversion, to think and act anew. In his words, the letter is a “modest contribution to continued reflection” on “a new vision of fraternity and social friendship that will not remain at the level of words.”

Pope Francis is the world’s pastor who stood alone in St. Peter’s Square in March 2020 and told us to keep the faith and not lose hope in a global pandemic. In this powerful letter, he now challenges us to respond with love, fraternity, and friendship in a hurting world and remain strong in our faith.

The encyclical has eight chapters and it ends with two prayers: “A Prayer to the Creator” and “An Ecumenical Christian Prayer.”  To read more please visit: