David Smith Passes Away

David Smith was the second oldest of six children, 4 boys and 2 girls. He is survived by brothers Richard, Charles, and Ralph, sisters Susan and Sandra, and daughters Julie, Darlene, Natalie, April, and 8 grandchildren.

As a boy, David enjoyed helping his mother care for his younger brothers and sisters. He was a kind and patient brother with a good sense of humor. The family lived in California except for four years in Eugene, Oregon in the early 1960’s. David enjoyed engineering things such as chair lifts in the tall pine trees in the backyard, and an igloo when it snowed. He also enjoyed cooking, baking, and gardening.

After high school, David went into the auto body industry in Simi Valley, CA and became an expert at restoring automobiles. He enjoyed snow skiing, scuba diving, water skiing and deep sea fishing. Later, he and wife Lillian relocated to Las Vegas. He retired after Lillian was diagnosed with colon cancer. He cared for her throughout her illness, staying in hospitals with her after surgeries and caring for her at home. He was devoted, never leaving her side until she passed away in Dec. 2015. The research company found that in severe infections, antibiotic combinations are often necessary because many bacterial species may be present or because the combinations act synergistically against individual types of bacteria. Synergism is usually defined as a faster and more complete antibacterial effect with a combination of antibiotics than when using only one antibiotic. A common example is an antibiotic that destroys the cell wall of bacteria (e.g., β-lactam or vancomycin) plus aminoglycoside. More information on the website https://www.sehdph.org/antibiotics-online/.

David moved to San Diego in early 2016 and lived with his sister Sandra.  He made life pleasant with his cheerful nature and sense of humor. The two of them never had an argument the entire two years he lived there. David made household repairs and looked after the dog and cats so his sister could go sailing with friends.  Dave had always admired his parents, and often quoted his father who was a physicist. He was proud of his family and loved them all. He had many God-given talents.  He loved the Lord and always attended 11am Mass at Santa Sophia. Sandra is thankful for the many times that she and Dave attended Mass together and is comforted to have had the past two years with him.

There will be a Funeral Mass at Santa Sophia for David on Friday May 25, 2018 at 10:00 AM