Connection to Christ – Jimmy Villalobos

The Connection to Christ (C2C) Lenten Groups are about to complete their first bible study series. We distributed over 100 books to 10 groups, led by 11 trained facilitators. Most groups met at the homes of a member or facilitator and each meeting lasted for 90 minutes. For the last 7 weeks, these groups have been meeting weekly to go over the Scriptures for the upcoming weekend. They pray, read Scripture, answer discussion questions and share their experiences. By all reports, the experience of the groups has been a deeper relationship with Christ and each other. By reflecting on Scripture in advance, they allow the Holy Spirit to provide insight into their week. By reading and discussing together, they develop a deeper knowledge of God’s word. By sharing their experiences, they allow God’s healing to enter their lives and they develop deeper bonds with one another as they each journey towards Jesus. In addition to the weekly meetings, some people have had the opportunity to meet one-on-one. This provides for a deeper connection where friendships can be formed and maintained beyond the small group meetings. That is one of the main goals of Connection to Christ. We seek to grow together as well as to Christ, and we bring people with us along this journey. This does not end once the small groups stop meeting. The groups are encouraged to continue growing daily in their faith, to help spread the Good News and to seek to bring others closer to Christ. This is not a program, but a journey that we are all on together as we seek to grow closer to Christ. This is just the first step and we have so much more ahead of us that we can look forward to. I would like to thank all of the faithful leaders that shared Christ’s love with their members, and the members that trusted enough to be lead closer to Christ. Finally, I would like to thank the Holy Spirit for leading us all in this path to a deeper and more meaningful Lenten experience. We will begin the summer series sometime in September, please look for information and announcements regarding our upcoming summer series.           -Jimmy Villalobos