Connection to Christ – Bernice Mascari


This week is the fourth meeting my husband Frank and I have attended with our Connection to Christ group. This program at Santa Sophia started at the beginning of Lent and will continue for a few more weeks in time for Easter. It has been such a gift to us as the Gospel reading this week speaks of the blind man being able to see, we also have experienced new sight into our lives in a deeper and more meaningful, healing way. Every week we come together as a group and reflect on the upcoming Sunday Scriptures. Reflecting and sharing in a small group brings about new meaning to the Scripture that you might not receive on your own. It also allows the Spirit to work through the group, and I can say that I have personally been inspired by my group members. We have prayed together, prayed for each other and shared personal stories of faith and conversion. It is wonderful to see how God works through people in various walks of life. We have witnessed new life and transformation in and through our little group as we share God’s word and our hearts and lives with each other. Truly we have been touched and blessed. We now have a clearer vision and see the importance of being part of this small group. We all need a deeper connection to Christ, and this journey has been so helpful in bringing me closer to God, as well as other parishioners. C2C reveals our mission to receive God’s love and share it with others. I am thoroughly enjoying it and all the fruits that have resulted by being part of C2C.

-Bernice Mascari