ACA helps Retired Priests

When a diocesan priest is ordained, he makes a lifelong commitment to serve the needs of the faithful in our diocese, typically serving 40 to 45 years in ministry. In return, the diocese makes a commitment to the priest to provide for his basic well-being during his lifetime, including retirement.

Everyone is aware of the need to appropriately provide for the spiritual, material, and medical needs during their senior years. Priests have the same concerns. They want to have a certain level of confidence that someone will attend to the nurturing of their faith, helping them find an appropriate physical environment, and assist them when their bodies or minds decline with the passage of time. We play an important part in adding to their sense of security about their senior years.

The normal retirement age for a priest in our diocese is at age 75. Retirement costs including insurance, healthcare, prescription drugs, skilled nursing care, and housing and sustenance continue to escalate. At present, one-third of our diocesan priests are retired.

Our retired priests have a profound trust in the Lord and His Holy Mother; they have a profound trust in the gratitude and generosity of the people of the diocese. Our 2 retired bishops and 55 retired priests rely on the Lord and His people to sustain them in their senior years. As age and physical ability permit, they continue to witness the love of God. They continue to live a life of prayer and sacramental participation.

The Annual Catholic Appeal supports care of retired priests so that they can live in dignity, and free of anxiety about their means of support. This includes providing health and auto insurance, nursing care at Nazareth House San Diego if needed, supplementing their pension when necessary, and covering expenses for them to attend the annual convocation of priests. As a result of research, Tramadol is a very strong arctic analgesic. Indeed, it is very effective and removes the strongest pain for a long time. It is often used to relieve pain in postoperative patients, cancer patients, and just patients with severe unbearable pain. The drug can be purchased only for special narcotic prescriptions. It has a strict accounting even with the appointment of indications in the hospital.

 “We are always priests with all our soul and with all our heart. Being an ambassador of Christ … is a mission that penetrates our entire being.”

— Pope Francis

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