ACA Helps Catholic Education



Our diocese includes a network of many wonderful Catholic schools, educating nearly 15,000 students each year. Most of our schools are in great shape, while other schools truly need our support.The Annual Catholic Appeal currently provides some funding to 9 schools in need, impacting the lives of over 1,300 students.

This program is called Assistance for Catholic Education. Over the past ten years with the support of the Annual Catholic Appeal, Catholic schools in San Diego have received assistance grants totaling more than five million dollars!

These grants have been made to keep the vital mission of Catholic education both accessible and affordable for children of families living in neighborhoods that have been the most impacted by economic challenges.

“Our entire community will always be grateful for the support we receive from the Annual Catholic Appeal,” said Gina Olsen, principal of St. Rita School. “As an urban school with financial pressures, it helps us support our teachers and, without it, our doors would be closed.”

Bishop McElroy understands the value and mission of our local Catholic schools. He said, “Our Catholic schools offer an essential element in the formation of touching the mind, heart and the soul of the whole person by giving our students the most important message that any education can give–that God loves them, and that love is without reserve and never waivers.”

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