Welcome to Santa Sophia parish website. We are Santa Sophia Church, a Roman Catholic faith community of loving, caring people dedicated to serving God and His holy people. From our founding in 1956, we have grown from a parish of 150 families to one of over 1,500 registered families. It is my hope that your visit to our parish website will help you get to know us, our Catholic Faith, and our parish community a little better and assist you in becoming an active member of this vibrant faith community. As our website indicates, Santa Sophia Parish is blessed with several programs and faith formations activities which are necessary for people of various age groups particularly children to know and deepen their faith in Jesus. As a pastor, I am blessed to be part of this vibrant faith community and guide people to grow in faith that is to know, love and have a personal experience of Jesus Christ.

Our life journey is filled with unknowns: with joy and pain, with success and failure, with all the ordinary and sometimes extraordinary events of life. But in every way, we seek to let the light of Jesus illuminate our path and guide us through these events. If you are looking for a community with which to journey through life; if you are looking for a community that will support you and challenge you to grow in faith; if you are looking for a community that draws its strength from the Word of God and the Eucharist; if you are looking for a community that will teach and provide opportunities for your children and young people to learn and grow in faith, then Santa Sophia Parish is the right place for you and your family.

I invite you to visit us anytime, attend our parish activities, Mass or to light a candle to pray before the cross or spend a quiet time of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. I invite you to register if you are not already a member, and experience first-hand the richness of faith and friendship to be found in the Santa Sophia Parish community.