A Message from Father Devdas – Church Closure

Dear Santa Sophia Family,

Good Morning!

As you probably know by now, the Governor has issued an order for all state residents to “shelter in place” to avoid the risk of being exposed. At this point we all really need to reduce the possibility of exposure to the virus and the best way to do that is by cooperating with the state order.

After consulting with several priests, including our dean, I’ve decided, in the interest of the parish’s health, to direct the staff to work from home. We have been preparing for this possibility all week and we believe that we can now effectively carry on much of the parish business remotely. There will certainly be some time needed to adjust and some services will have to be suspended until the state order is lifted.

That said, we will be suspending the daily adoration, effective immediately. I am sincerely appreciative of everyone who volunteered for the daily adoration and I hope, once our lives return to normal, that we will be able to expand and continue some of these opportunities, including Eucharistic adoration.

I have also decided to suspend Reconciliation on Wednesday evenings until the state order is lifted. I recognize that suspending Reconciliation will, for many, be as difficult as the suspension of the Mass and the reception of the Eucharist but we cannot allow the challenges we face to discourage us in our faith. Christ is calling us to be creative and to find different ways to experience Him.

Lastly, our church will remain closed until further notice to encourage the community to remain at home. For daily and Sunday Masses please see our website, the link https://www.santasophia.org/coronavirus-resource-packet/  we posted on Tuesday, March 17th.

Friends, we are living through some difficult times. I know that the cancellation of most of the activities in our daily lives has been a struggle. As a priest I never experienced or thought of such a situation. It pains me.  For my part, I will continue to work with the staff to find new ways to connect with you, my wonderful community.

Our lives have changed for a time, but we will overcome. Let us remain strong, and do not be discouraged. During this time of uncertainty and fear, I want you to remember the comforting words of Saint Paul to the Romans, “When the Lord is with us, who can be against us?” The Lord is in our midst, and He is in control of the situation. He will not desert us, and we will overcome this period of uncertainty and obstacles. The season of Lent and this time of uncertainty reminds us therefore, to support and care for one another.

As I mentioned the office will remain closed until future notice, but I will be here to attend to your calls and speak to you on the phone.

May God bless us, keep us and our families safe.

God bless!

Fr. Devdas