A Farewell: Deacon Vince Kapral

Thank you for the opportunity!

Several years ago, after buying our retirement home in Virginia Beach, I received a call from the Secretary of the Navy informing me I had been selected for promotion and needed to move to San Diego within 10 days. After much searching of various parishes, we fell in love with Santa Sophia. Anne and I were both welcomed, in awe of the music, the beauty of the sanctuary and were very excited as Father was starting a scripturally based Bible Study and after the Family Synod working more with married couples and the community to build a better Santa Sophia parish.

It has been our honor to serve here and we have loved every program, and the devotion of the people we have become close to. Unfortunately, several weeks ago, I received a similar phone call and was told I needed to report into the Pentagon for a new promotion and assignment by July 20th. While not our intent, it is the secular work that I do. In consultation with Father we decided to inform the parish via the bulletin after the COVID requirements had eased.

Anne and I have been so impressed with the devotion you have shown us and will greatly miss being a part of the physically Sophia family. I hope in some small way I have given back even a part of the joy and love of God we have experienced at Santa Sophia. While we will no longer be physically present please know the parish and every individual, we came to know will remain part of our Morning and Evening prayers. May God continue to Bless you and if you find yourself in the nation’s capital please drop us a line.


Deacon Vince Kapral