Suzanne Kennedy

Suzanne Kennedy-Ballon, Director of Liturgical Music

The mission of the music ministry of Santa Sophia is to inspire people to worship God through sacred music. St Augustine said “he who sings, prays twice” and the music ministry is committed to building a “singing” church. Our music ministry seeks to fill the church with the sound of singing in praise to God by using an eclectic mix of music from traditional to contemporary. But our desires is not just to hear the choir’s voice but to hear….EVERYONE’S voice. To build this atmosphere of singing we need people to give of their time and talent in a special way and join the music ministry. So if you are a singer or instrumentalist and have a willing, generous spirit, then you are qualified to be in one of our choirs. To sign up: 619-463-6629 ext. 113 - be sure to leave name and phone number! I look forward to worshiping with you!


The Santa Sophia Liturgical Ensemble

Liturgical Ensemble

The Santa Sophia Liturgical Ensemble (SSLE) is an instrumental ensemble consisting of guitar, bass and piano leading the music of the liturgy. The SSLE is seeking instrumentalists (violin, flute, guitar, etc.) who have achieved an intermediate level of proficiency. Membership is open to adults, young adults and eligible teens.

Season: Year Round
Mass: Saturday, 4:30 pm Vigil



The Santa Sophia Singers


The Santa Sophia Singers (SSS) is a choir of mixed voices, SATB, women and men, accompanied by the organ and piano in addition to other instruments as circumstances dictate. The SSS strive to achieve an eclectic mix of music in different styles and from many years of our church history, including contemporary compositions. Membership is open to adults, young adults and eligible teens.

Season: September through mid-June
Rehearsals: Tuesday  evenings 6:30pm-8:00pm
Mass: 11:00 am Sunday and certain Holy Days


The Santa Sophia Kids' Choir

IMG_9586 The Santa Sophia Kids' Choir(SSKC) reaches out with music to all the young people of our church grades 3 -10. The SSKC operates independently of the Academy Choir* and rehearses outside of school time. Students must register before coming to rehearsal.

September through mid-June
Thursday afternoon 4:00 - 5:00 pm in the Academy Music Room
Mass: One Sunday per month at 11:00 am
*Please note that the SSKC is a separate children's choir from the Santa Sophia Academy Liturgical Choir.


A cantor's fundamental responsibility in the liturgy is to sing the Word of God. Cantor's should be blessed with a natural gift for singing (not necessarily a trained voice) and possess the confidence necessary to lead the congregation. Coaching and training for qualified individuals will be provided.

Season: Year Round
Mass: Cantors will be assigned to Weekend Masses and certain Holy Days