High school teens, beginning in grade 9, who have been baptized, celebrated their First Reconciliation and First Eucharist and have at least one full year of previous Religious Education or have been enrolled in Catholic School, can prepare for Confirmation. Confirmation is a two-year academic process.


SERIES NAME:  The Teen Timeline (T3)
PUBLISHER:  Catholic Word

The Teen Timeline – or T3 – is a newly released teen version of the Great Adventure Bible Timeline learning system that hundreds of thousands of Catholic adults have used to learn the Bible.  The series will make the Bible come alive for Catholic teens by unpacking God’s Word in a way they can relate to.
T3 teaches teens the Bible by showing hem the “big picture” of salvation history.  When teens understand the story they are eager to learn more.  The net result: teens begin to wrap their minds and hearts around the Scriptures.  They come to see the bible as a relevant part of their lives.

T3 is systematic in its communication of the Scriptures.  Its unique approach – a DVD video presentation and interactive workbook materials insure that your teens’ experience of the Bible will be anything but ordinary.

Our goal as we lead the teens in the word of God, is to develop their hearts not just their heads.  We want them to not only know the words, but to be introduced to the Word; they need to know not just the characters but also the Author.  Only then will the Scriptures really come to life in their lives.  We have an awesome task of passing on the richness of the Catholic faith in this way.




SERIES NAME:  Call to Celebrate Confirmation
PUBLISHER:  Harcourt Religion Publishers

Confirmation year 2 curriculum is immediate preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Call to Celebrate: Confirmation embodies the principals that preparing our teens for Confirmation is a two-part process.  First, it is a process of initiation that is best done in the midst of family, peers, sponsors and the whole community.  Second it is a process of liturgical catechesis that respects how individuals and communities come to know the mysteries of faith through symbol, ritual and story.  Our curriculum follows a liturgical- catechetical method in three steps:

  • CELEBRATE – Every session begins with a celebration that includes a ritual focus.  Then followed by a reflection on what was experienced.
  • REMEMBER – In every session, Scripture passages that pertain to Confirmation and the fullness of the Holy Spirit are proclaimed and broken open.  The doctrines that form the body of teaching about Confirmation and the Holy Spirit are presented, and a specific part of the Rite of Confirmation is explained.
  • LIVE – Every session includes a story about Witnesses of Faith and activities that help candidates integrate the theme into daily living.

Our goal is to help candidates understand the meaning of the Sacrament of Confirmation and to reflect and come to a deeper appreciation on the mystery of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  We hope to help them grow in their sense of being an active, conscious participant in worship and in the parish community.